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We]]> General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/eight-challenges-in-managing-the-human-workforce-at-hospitals-308.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/eight-challenges-in-managing-the-human-workforce-at-hospitals-308.shtml Editor Sat, 29 Oct 2022 00:00:52 -0400 Make Aging in Place More Affordable With These Tips General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/make-aging-in-place-more-affordable-with-these-tips-307.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/make-aging-in-place-more-affordable-with-these-tips-307.shtml Editor Tue, 25 Oct 2022 23:46:32 -0400 A Guide To Will Types General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/a-guide-to-will-types-306.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/a-guide-to-will-types-306.shtml Editor Tue, 25 Oct 2022 06:38:59 -0400 Visiting the gynecologist: 15 reasons to go always We all know that being healthy is a very important thing for our life. However, when it comes to visiting a doctor, many people don't do it as often as necessary. This it not good, because visiting a doctor is very important. Visit is necessary for Prevention and early detection: In the annual screening and early diagnosis , the outer and inner genitalia (outer pubic area, uterus, ovaries /]]> General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/visiting-the-gynecologist-15-reasons-to-go-always-166.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/visiting-the-gynecologist-15-reasons-to-go-always-166.shtml Editor Wed, 19 Oct 2022 17:52:24 -0400 How To Choose The Right Elder Care For Your Loved One General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/how-to-choose-the-right-elder-care-for-your-loved-one-305.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/how-to-choose-the-right-elder-care-for-your-loved-one-305.shtml Editor Wed, 19 Oct 2022 00:24:42 -0400 5 Common Myths About Retirement Communities Many people have preconceived ideas about retirement communities and what it means to be a part of them. You might assume they’re where you go when you’re old and unwell, and you’re never allowed to leave once you’re in one. Deciding to move into a retirement community can be daunting, but don’t believe everything you hear. When you’re aware of some of the]]> General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/5-common-myths-about-retirement-communities-304.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/5-common-myths-about-retirement-communities-304.shtml Editor Mon, 17 Oct 2022 09:39:07 -0400 4 Tips for How Older Individuals Can Prepare for Emergencies Being older often means that you're more aware of your surroundings and more likely to take preventative measures. However, some physical and mental limitations come with getting older. Arthritis and other joint issues make climbing up a ladder in a hurricane difficult, and memory loss makes it hard to remember where you stored your things. The key is knowing your limitations and working around]]> General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/4-tips-for-how-older-individuals-can-prepare-for-emergencies-303.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/4-tips-for-how-older-individuals-can-prepare-for-emergencies-303.shtml Editor Mon, 17 Oct 2022 09:37:11 -0400 3 Ways to Improve Quality of Life for Loved Ones with Late Stage Dementia General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/3-ways-to-improve-quality-of-life-for-loved-ones-with-late-stage-dementia-302.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/3-ways-to-improve-quality-of-life-for-loved-ones-with-late-stage-dementia-302.shtml Editor Thu, 29 Sep 2022 06:30:46 -0400 5 Signs You May Need to Have Your Hearing Checked Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com Hearing is crucial to understanding and interpreting the sounds around you. As we age, there is a natural decline in our hearing that can be difficult to detect at first. Most hearing loss is recognized by others due to external signs. When your hearing loss is gradual, it can be challenging to determine how well you are hearing. For most, the idea of wearing a]]> General Guide https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/5-signs-you-may-need-to-have-your-hearing-checked-301.shtml https://www.101eldercare.com/elder_care_guide/5-signs-you-may-need-to-have-your-hearing-checked-301.shtml Editor Thu, 29 Sep 2022 00:00:26 -0400