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3 Major Ways Vaping Adversely Affects the Lung

Goods and service providers are often going to do all that it takes to paint their goods/services as very good. They would pull so many publicity stunts focused on magnifying the benefits and leaving out the downsides.

This is the experience with many brands that produce vaping products such as e-cigarettes (rechargeable and disposable); vape pens; tank systems; E-Juices & E-Liquid. Many of the brands behind these products make so much noise about how using their product is better than smoking the regular kind of cigarette.

The question many consumers ask is if this is a true statement. Well, you should know that it is true. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has even had to make this clear in some of its official statements.

However, this health regulatory body did not stop there. They have also made it clear that these products also have their downsides as regards effects on the user’s health. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Unfortunately, many of these brands downplay this other information for their selfish commercial intentions. This article is born out of the need to set the records straight.

By so doing, users of these products will be aware of the health impact of using these products. This will be done by discussing how vaping affects the lungs. But first, let us walk you through what vaping is as this has to be well understood to drive home the point.

What Is Vaping?

It is the use of any of a wide range of devices that allows users to inhale special liquids that are heated (aerosol) before being inhaled into the lung. Regardless of the name or kind of product, this is how it works.

The heated liquid that is eventually inhaled is called by several names but e-juice is one of the most common. These liquids contain several ingredients. Some of the ingredients are questionable as far as the health of the user is concerned. This is because of how they cause and trigger some adverse effects.

It is for this reason that people need to be aware of the detailed health implications of vaping. This is other than being bored with talks on how these products are better than the regular kinds of cigarettes. More light will be shed on the adverse effects of vaping on the lungs so you should keep reading to learn more.

Some of the Ways Vaping Damages the Lungs

For the record, vaping does more damage to the body than only affecting the lungs. Several other organs and parts are put on the line. This is especially when it is indulged in very often.

The heart, gum, brain, and kidney are examples of other parts that can be affected as well. We have chosen to pay attention to the effects on the lung because this is the organ that is often put on the line.

Other than this, the effect of vaping on your lungs (if you are into vaping) can be very severe. This is why people need to be well informed about what it does to this essential organ in the body. Some of the adverse effects in question include the following:

Respiratory Complications

This is a very broad way to explain one of the adverse effects. The reason is that several respiratory complications can set in as a result of this activity.

The lung is one of the chief organs responsible for making sure the respiratory system is up and running. Vaping affects this essential organ so it is understandable how this can lead to a wide range of respiratory complications.

It has been gathered that the chances of some respiratory complications happening are more than others. Asthma is very high up on the list of respiratory complications that can set in.

But other than asthma, there could be respiratory complications such as mucus, bronchitis, chronic cough, and weird breathing sounds as well. So, it is best to play safe and this means doing all you can to stop or avoid vaping.

Weakened Immune System

The immune system is the system that is charged with the responsibility of keeping the body from giving in to infections and diseases. The system fights hard to protect the body in this regard.

The lung is one of those organs in the body that multi-tasks a lot. This implies that this organ is involved in many things at the same time. For instance, the lung does a lot more than help with taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide (breathing).

More than this, this essential organ is a vital part of the immune system. It is one of the chief immune organs that help the body fight back infection and diseases.

In other words, the chances of the body being infected are increased when the lung is affected by activities such as vaping. Your lung is too important considering how it helps the immune system and the other roles it plays. For this reason, you should protect this organ by not indulging in this harmful habit.

Popcorn Lungs

Vaping can adversely affect this organ to the point where it would end up in a state called popcorn lungs. The name came to be because of how the normally narrow airways of this organ become enlarged.

For the most part, this is a severe condition caused by the inhalation of chemicals, toxins, and/or particles that are harmful. Some of the ingredients used to make the liquid that is heated before