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Make Aging in Place More Affordable With These Tips

Aging in place has been shown to have a multitude of benefits for the mental health of elderly people. Being in their home brings a level of comfort and familiarity that can improve memory, reduce the occurrence of depression, and also help them live longer. Unfortunately, as more and more older folks require medical care, it can become difficult to afford the attention they need from home. Fortunately, a combination of technology and these tips can make aging in place more affordable for the people who desire to stay in their homes if possible.

Apply for Social Security Disability

It’s amazing how many people do not apply for their Social Security or their Social Security Disability benefits right away when they qualify. This can mean that many people are living on small pensions or unemployment instead of getting the full range of benefits that they are entitled to. Many elderly people who are also disabled might qualify to receive disability benefits before they are of age to get regular Social Security payouts. They can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance to see if they can start receiving those benefits right away. Whether they are disabled from a work injury or a degenerative condition, they simply need medical documentation of the disability. Getting these benefits can make it possible for them to afford aging in place.

Get a Medical Wearable Device

Many elderly people don’t need daily care, but because they are a fall risk or they live alone, family members want a way to be sure they are safe when no one is around. Medical wearable devices can be used for a multitude of purposes including notifying emergency services or family members if the person has fallen. There are older technologies that have a button to push, while some newer wearables are automated. Additionally, newer technology can measure things like heart rate, blood sugar, and more if people need it.

Apply for Housing Vouchers

Did you know that there are programs in place in most states that allow people to apply for vouchers for housing based on their income? These vouchers can be used for many different housing choices including buying a home or small condo. These programs often have a waiting list, so it’s best to apply as soon as you qualify. Housing vouchers are extremely helpful for elderly people on a low income who want to age in place.

Rent Out a Room

College students, single parents, and even AirBnB customers are always looking for a room to rent. If you have the extra space, consider renting it out to make it possible to age in place. If you choose AirBnB, you can even hire out help cleaning the room after your guests leave. This means that you won’t need to do the hard work yourself, but you can still bring in some income to help cover the bills. If you get long-term renters, be sure to create a legal lease agreement that lines up what you need from your renters.

Make Home Modifications

Installing things like ramps and railings can improve the quality of life for elderly people who want to age in place. Non-slip flooring in showers and bathrooms, as well as proper lighting can also make a big difference. While these modifications can be costly, there are programs and charities available to help many elderly people stay in their homes. They come and make the modifications sometimes for either a very low cost or no cost to the homeowner.

Install Cameras

When you’re aging in place, cameras can help give you peace of mind. With the rise of home security systems like the Ring doorbell and many video baby monitors, it’s easier than ever to install cameras around your home. Whether you want a more secure environment or you want family members to be able to look in on your remote, there are plenty of options available. Not only that, but these systems are far more affordable than ever before.

Grocery Delivery

You no longer need to hire an agency with personal care attendants to do your grocery shopping or get food from restaurants for you. Now, many stores offer grocery delivery services to help people like you age in place. This option is much more affordable and can alleviate a lot of the costs of aging in place. You can even hire meal prep services that are cheaper as well.

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