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Immunotherapy is slated to revolutionize cancer treatment. Learn how!

Cancer is that dreaded word which floods our hearts with fear. With no definitive causes, the treatment is invasive and wreaks havoc on the quality of life of the patient. Countless research is funded on finding the cure for cancer and whoever does find it in future will undoubtedly be crowned the next God for humans. Until then, we have to sit tight and contribute in whatever way we can to help advance the treatment of this life-threatening disease.

Among various treatment methods that have been proposed, immunotherapy is gaining rapid momentum in the advance treatment of cancer. Many research trials are being conducted in Florida to understand the impact and benefits of various types of immunotherapy. You should contact a paid medical research studies in Miami like Royal Research Corp that offers free clinical research trials to gain better understanding of such treatments. The science is simple: our bodies are capable of eliminating cancer cells on their own. With the help of a targeted approach, Immunotherapy helps the immune system create a response ideal for cancer elimination while preserving the healthy cells. Let us learn how.

Immunotherapy-the wonder treatment?

As mentioned, immunotherapy helps our inbuilt immune system fight malignant tumour and restore health in such areas as necessary. Now what does the immune system comprise of? Immune system is a collective term for white blood cells (also known as WBCs) and certain tissues of the lymph system. Immunotherapy is a biological therapy which in essence uses substances made from living organisms to treat cancer. It may be given orally, intravenously (IV), topical (in cases of skin cancer) or Intravesically (directly into the bladder).

If our bodies can fight cancer, why don’t they?

As a part of the normal functioning of the immune system, WBCs and other tissues destroy abnormal cells and prevent their growth. But this is cancer cells we are talking about. Cancerous cells have their own sneaky ways to defend against our immune system. Following are just some of the ways:

  1. They undergo genetic changes to make themselves invisible to the immune system
  2. They have proteins that turn off the immune response
  3. Sometimes they change the normal cells around the tumour so that it interferes with the functioning of the immune system in killing them

With such tricky mechanisms in place the immune system cannot help but gets derailed while doing its job and immunotherapy then serves to reorient the system to perform its job. Immunotherapy uses substances made by the body or in the laboratory to improve the working of our immune system-how it finds the cancer cells and destroys them.

Are there any types of immunotherapy?

Several types of immunotherapy are used to treat cancer. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Adoptive cell therapy: This therapy involves reactivation, enhancement and expansion of a body’s immune cells before reinfusing them in the patients. This essentially makes the immune system better oriented to fight cancer cells.
  2. Immunomodulators: This treatment as the name suggests, modulates the immune system to accelerate or decelerate its response to target cancer cells.
  3. Oncolytic Virus Therapy: This treatment uses modified viruses that can infect and destroy tumor cells.
  4. Targeted Antibodies: This treatment disrupts cancer cell activity and alerts the immune system to attack cancer.

Immunotherapy is a relatively newer field of cancer treatment and for it to reach substantial research value it requires the participation and contribution of people. Paid Medical Research Studies in Miami allow you to do the same. Participating in such a clinical trial allows you to not only avail the free of cost treatment but also get compensated all while contributing to advancement of medical science.